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We find the best gifts for geeks and nerds so you can find the ultimate present for the geek in your life. All the gift ideas on the site are affiliate links to We spend our time sifting through Amazon, pulling out the latest and greatest nerd gifts, geek gifts, and whatever other paraphernalia we find…and then we showcase the very best.

Trust us – geeks are going to love the stuff on this site. You’ll probably want a lot of things too! To make it easier we’ve included major categories to help sort these nerdy presents. Yes a lot of them overlap…but bear with us. I mean, how different are gifts for computer geeks, maths geeks, science geeks and tech geeks anyway?

This month’s selections

We got a mail last month saying the gift ideas in this section hadn’t updated for 2 months. Maybe they’re just super incredible so we’re giving you another chance? Or maybe the most awesome geek gifts don’t go out of style that fast….

nerd alert! amazon fire stick 2017

Amazon Fire
TV Stick

The next generation of Amazon’s Fire Stick, this will leave you glued to your TV for the next year at least.

Combined with Alexa’s voice remote, you don’t even have to move to find the control.

Check it out on Amazon
nerd focus drink


While it promises memory and focus, we believe the winner of this one is the person who created and ranked this product.

Slug a few of these, go hard on some Amazon selling videos, and build a 7 figure business.

Check it out on Amazon
star wars geek present ideas - han solo mini fridge

Bad Maternity

Hmm..the photo here is obviously a terrible photoshop hack. What this shirt will actually look like is anyone’s guess.

Still, it’s not something you’d buy for anyone you actually liked so who really cares?

Check it out on Amazon
retro watches are awesome gifts for geeks


The classic collectors arcade watch by ThinkGeek has been hot on Amazon.

It looks bulky, and no doubt feels awkward, but it is somehow popular. Great for 80s children.

Check it out on Amazon
nerd present ideas - virtual reality headset


World’s Dopest Dual Mode Virtual Reality Headset for Movies & Video Games.

Light and comfy, not too bulky, this headset has a range of settings and suits kids and adults. Go virtual.

Check it out on Amazon
star wars geek present ideas - han solo mini fridge

Han Solo

It’s here – the officially licensed Star Wars Han Solo 3D Mini Fridge.

This Fridge heats and cools and can be plugged into your car! Great for geeky road trips to sci-fi conventions.

Check it out on Amazon

Featured product: Amazon Echo Dot

The 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot is an incredible device with so many functions it’s hard to list them all here. It’s a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, give you information, read the news, set alarms, and a whole lot more.

It can hear you across the room, it learns as it goes – you’ll honestly be amazed by what it can do. If I were you I’d buy 2 – one for yourself as well! Check it out here.

cool gifts for geeks - the amazon echo dot

Favourite gifts that keep on giving

We just find the products – you guys make the calls. These are some of the biggest sellers for 2016 and they are going strong in 2017.

buy back to the future watch on amazon


It looks pretty hard to tell the time with The Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch.

To be honest we haven’t seen this one for real, but its hard to go wrong with B2TF.

Check it out on Amazon
split keyboard perfect for gamers and programmers


The perfect ergonomic gaming keyboard. The angle and distance between can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

Perfect for gamers & programmers who spend a lot of time typing.

Check it out on Amazon
best gifts for geeks - an i love nerds t-shirt

I Love
Nerds T-Shirt

This is pretty much what the GGFG crew wear whenever we’re not chasing angel investors for cash injections.

We’re really hanging out for them to make these in V-neck.

Check it out on Amazon

The best nerd gifts submitted by our readers

Do you have a cool gift idea you think would really fit in here? Have you bought a present for a nerd you know that went down better than expected? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us with an Amazon link and a few lines about it.

i heart nerds badges

I Heart
Nerds Badge

Do you have to buy a present for an office party, or for someone you don’t really care about, or are you just kind of over them?

Show them how little you care with this pin…at less than 5 bucks it can sneak into most secret santa’s with change.

Check it out on Amazon
nerd present ideas - r2d2 mini fridge

R2D2 4 Liter
Mini Fridge

This came from someone who bought the Han Solo fridge and then bought this at the same time.

At 4 Liters, it’s big enough to hold 6 12oz cans, though we hope you put something healthy in there. Quiet – great for the office cubicle.

Check it out on Amazon
dvorak keyboard


Someone sent us this idea after listening to the Tim Ferriss Podcast with Matt Mullenweg, WordPress founder.

Learning Dvorak can also help decrease the chance of getting RSI from all that hacking on a keyboard.

Check it out on Amazon
darth vader mini fridge

Darth Vader
Mini Fridge

If anyone else sends us a mini fridge idea we will need to address your creativity with a mean email back.

We do understand that there needs to be a bad guy somewhere on the home page so this one managed to slip in.

Check it out on Amazon
iPad keyboard and cover

iPad Cover /

This wireless keyboard looks good, is super easy to use, and doubles as a super protective iPad case.

With large keys its like typing on a laptop, it enhances audio quality, and it also offers around 160 hours battery life.

Check it out on Amazon
instant nerd kit

Nerd Kit

Look like a total nerd where ever you go. This outfit is perfect for Xmas parties – nerds get the girls right?

When we’re not rocking oversize Uniqlo Wu-Tang T-Shirts we love wearing these around the GGFG headquarters.

Check it out on Amazon

What kind of geek are you shopping for?

We know how hard it can be buying gifts for geeks. It’s hard enough buying presents for people, especially when they are into stuff you aren’t. Geeks seems to know exactly what they want, and let’s face it, a lot of them get paid so well these days they can buy whatever they want. We’ve split them into a few genres to maybe make it easier. There’s a bit of overlap, but it’s a good starting point.


Mouses, speakers, keyboards. Mouse pads? Please, this website is dedicated to this stuff. Surely we can be more creative.

Presents For
Computer Nerds


Scientific calculators. Or should they go in the science section? Throw them out the window to make room for all this cool stuff.

Presents For
Math Nerds


If you go to this page looking for bright ideas and instead find 50 different kinds of science experiments please mail and abuse us.

Presents For
Science Nerds


If it wasn’t for the fact that they are wealthy and can buy every thing they could ever want or need, they’d be an awesome genre to buy for.

Presents For
Tech Nerds

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