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Updated April 2017

Thinking of gifts for maths geeks can be hard as it can feel difficult to relate and come up with something cool. But then most of us have a small math geek streak – who doesn’t love the satisfaction of completing a Sudoku puzzle?

People who love math are stimulated by the way numbers fit together and love to engage the logical, maths-orientated part of the brain. Here are our suggestions for how to put a smile on the faces of our number loving friends and family members.

a cute math geek in front of the blackboard

Trending presents

equation wall clock

Wall Clock

The decodyne math clock has equations that mark each hour, and some are hard enough that they require a bit of thought.

Despite looking like a really dumb clock, it actually sparks conversation and it’s funny watching people try to work out the answers.

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geeky baby rompers

Geeky Baby

What’s worse than one geek? Two geeks. What’s worse than two geeks? Two geeks and their geek baby!

We’re joking of course – babies are super cute, and this will go down a treat for maternity leave gifts and presents for expecting and new parents.

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equation watch


We doubt that people spend much time working out these equations. At parties when conversation is short maybe? Or if you have a train ride and you forget your cellphone?

It is water resistant so geeks can hold the prettiest girl’s hand and not worry about sweat wrecking it.

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keyring compass


Remember a time when we couldn’t just pull out our phones when lost? Since then, math geeks have lost an outlet for their logical maths minds – navigating via map and compass.

You can’t go wrong with this $8 durable, inexpensive keyring compass.

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fitness band


Maths geeks are all about the numbers and in these days of the quantified self (knowing yourself through numbers), fitness trackers give a whole new data set for maths buffs to explore.

This cheap fitness band by Xiaomi delivers in more ways than one.

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playing cards


One game that is universally beloved by maths-minded people is cards. You can buy a $1 pack from the local 7/11 but where’s the fun in that?

Your math geek friends will love these beautifully crafted Misc. Good Co. playing cards. Pick up a pack for $10.

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keyring compass

4D Game of
Thrones Puzzle

Puzzles have huge appeal for maths geeks and this puzzle ticks all the boxes.

This puzzle will not only challenge the most hardy puzzle solver but will have them lost once again in the Game of Thrones Universe and who doesn’t like to escape into that brutal world from time to time.

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fitness band

Phillips Automated
Home Lighting System

Math geeks often love maths because it’s a predictable system that has a strict set of rules – this home lighting system carries these principles.

This starter kit enables the user to automate the lights throughout their house using their iPhone (via Apple HomeKit) or Amazons echo via voice commands.

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playing cards


At its simplest, it’s a  bluetooth speaker but capable of a lot more.

The user can interact with the virtual assistant Alexa to do a bunch of things from asking for a pizza to be ordered, the lights dimmed, to playing a song from Spotify or to have a recipe read out.

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Adult puzzles

Frivolous yet a lot of fun, the powder keg puzzle is the sort of gift that provides not only a challenge for the mathematically minded, but is also a great stress relief.

Whether it’s the tactile joy of handling lacquered wood or the joy of feeling the wood pieces slot into each other we aren’t sure but this object proves its worth as a stress reliever on par with this stress ball.

If you think your geek would prefer a rounded puzzle wooden puzzle, no problem – this round wooden puzzle is as beautiful as it is challenging.

a cute math geek in front of the blackboard

Or take it to the next level with this ultra challenging Enigma brain teaser . Hanayama makes a wide range of metal puzzles that are considered amongst the toughest out there.

The Enigma is among our favourites but we also have a real soft spot for the beautiful geometry of the Coaster puzzle.

hanayama brain teaser

Recently added

keyring compass

Sous Vide

This Anova Precision Cooker – WIFI will enable the user to sous vide food via an app on their smartphone.

This will give maths nerds absolute control over their cooking along with the convenience of being able to set this up in the morning and monitor it throughout the day.

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fitness band

Book: Pleasure of
Finding Things Out

Math nerds love physics – fact. Richard P. Feynman is a Nobel prize winning physicist who was a big part of the American nuclear programme.

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: The Best Short Works of Richard P. Feynman is guaranteed to appeal to all maths nerds.

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playing cards


A problem solvers heaven right here.

Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time is the true story of how one of the greatest scientific problems was solved – how to navigate at sea when land was no long visible.

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keyring compass

Distance Measurer

Measuring angles and distances in a flash down to degrees – maths geek heaven right here with the Bosch GLR225 Laser Distance Measurer.

Use it to work out the distance between x and y or to measure the correct distance between the dart board and the oche.

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fitness band

Epsom Label

Math geeks love to organise, categorise and… LABEL.

Print from your phone via bluetooth with this  Portable Label Printer that will satisfy geeks, nerds and anyone who gets finds pleasure in being organized.

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playing cards

Maze Puzzle

Want to give money but feel it’s not thoughtful enough?

The Money Maze Puzzle Box gets around this problem – recipients must solve a puzzle before they get to the money making your gift both thoughtful and a whole lot of fun.

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