Great gifts for science geeks

Updated April 2017

Fascinated by the world around them, science geeks love cool facts about how the world works.

They love to get outdoors and experience what they have read in books in the hopes of discovering something new.

Here are our picks for gifts that will get your beloved physics geeks’ thermometer rising. From novelty beaker coffee mugs through to aquatic aquariums – we’ve got it covered.

We’ve even included a section for science gifts that parents can share with their children – enjoy!

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Glowing Radioactive
Element Coasters

Bright, colorful and a lot of fun, these coasters represent four radioactive elements as they can be seen in the periodic table of the elements.

These include radioactive elements outside of the obvious plutonium and uranium – even einsteinium.

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Tandem-X Flying
Model Rocket

This rocket is fantastic – standing at 30 inches tall, it can reach heights of up to 650 feet!

650 feet is pretty high – sounds like a recipe for a lost toy rocket right? Have no fear – it floats back to earth on parachutes for easy recovery.

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Specimen Coasters

Put together as a set, these coasters make up a 3D brain.

Possibly a little gory but hey, we all have one so why not sit back and enjoy it’s ugly beauty. Can you spot the hypothalamus?

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Part novelty, part homage to Galileo’s brilliance, this thermometer and barometer set would be an interesting addition to a shelf, desk or coffee table.

The thermometer is made up of a series of balls that rise at different temperatures.

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Pot Plant
Fish Tank

This pot plant fish tank by Aquaponic would be great for childen and adult science buffs alike.

With the plant acting to filter the water for the fish, what better way to teach kids the lessons of symbiosis and co-depenance?

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Aquatic Ecosystem/
Mini Aquarium

For the Botany geeks – the EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem contains live marine shrimp with a lifespan up to 3 years.

From $43 to $437, you Botany geek will love their new zero maintenance aquarium.

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Science Fun with the Kids

Science is an amazingly engaging subject for children. It’s potential to be both simultaneously educational and fun knows no bounds.

This Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit is based on the Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) program and enables kids to do experiments at home to learn about the natural world.

We love the color changing volcano and jiggly crystals. Aimed at the 6-8 age group.

Or perhaps the Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit might be more up their alley. This kit is more focused on the body and give children the chance to make fake blood, stinky intestines as well grow safe moulds and bacterias. A great way for them to learn about their bodies.

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Cosmic Print

Ahhh the universe. Such a mysterious and beautiful place. Science geeks love to ponder what lies out just as much as they’ll love seeing this on their couch.

We recommend getting a set of three for the full cosmic experience.

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Nebala Outer Space Galaxy Cosmic Explosion Bedding

Why limit he beauty of the universe to the couch? Take it to the bedroom with this 4 piece bedding set.

This may seem like a novelty but if your science friend has a sense of humor, they’re also sure to appreciate it’s beauty. Lots of fun!

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An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

Keeping with the quirky, humorous theme – this book gives a solid dose of old school logic which guided the thinking of Aristotle.

If scientists still thought along these lines of logic we’d be in real trouble. Hilarious!

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Book: Five Billion
Years of Solitude

The Economist describes Five Billion Years of Solitude as, “A definitive guide to astronomy’s hottest field.”

This much loved book delves into the world of the scientists who have dedicated themselves to figuring out how we got here and fit into the universe.

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Mavic Pro Drone with
4K Camera

Science geeks love to document the world around them. Drones with cameras take this to the next level.

The DJI Mavic Pro Drone is a little on the pricey side at $999 but delivers in so many ways from the camera quality to the flight performance of the drone.

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Like the sound of a drone but looking for something a bit more affordable? We recommend this little fella.

A good way to test the waters before purchasing the Mavic Pro or it could act as a training drone before upgrading to something a bit more serious.

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Find even more gifts for geeks

We hope one of the above gifts for science geeks does it for you. You will also find some gems on the gifts for tech geeks page, or check out our home page for the latest. There’s a heap of other rad places out there too, like the science geek page on BuzzFeed.

Got a suggestion?

Thanks for reading this far and we trust you got some ideas for great gifts for science geeks.

Have you brought a cool gift for a total science nerd that went down really well and that isn’t on here? Contact us and we’ll add it to the list of ideas for the next revision!