The best gifts for tech geeks

Updated April 2017

Tech geeks are relatively easy to spot – they always have the latest smart phone, laptop and whatever other gadgets are the flavour of the month.

Often obsessed with the control that tech provides them, they are always on the lookout for something that can save them a few minutes here and there.

We’ve narrowed this down to 3 categories – Home Automation, Wearables and other essentials that every tech geek should have.

Kids playing with wearable tech

Home Automation

nest thermostat


The Nest Thermostat is one cool piece of tech. It has the ability to learn as well as integrate with the Echo.

“You turn down the heat on your way to bed. Nest takes note and starts building your schedule. Cozy in the afternoon, cool at night. Check.” Very cool indeed. Video here.

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nest security camera

Security Camera

Traditional security systems are expensive and cumbersome requiring expensive 3rd parties.

The Nest Cam will send alerts to your smart phone if there is a security breach. From there you can view images of the room where the alert was sent from.

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smart lightbulbs

Phillips Hue
Smart Lightbulbs

This starter kit gets you far. From simply turning the lights on and off to being able to alter the hue of the light all via the amazing app. The square box above connects the bulbs to a wireless network for smartphone control.

Can also be controlled by the Amazon Echo.

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wireless remote smart plugs

Etekcity Wireless Remote
Smart Plugs

Plug these into existing wall outlets to enable wireless control over power points in your house via remote controls. You can be upstairs and have wireless control over downstairs power points.

5x power points and 2 remotes for under $30. Amazing.

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wemo smart plug

WeMo Switch
Smart Plug

These smart plugs take the same idea as the wireless remote system to the left but takes it to another level.

Instead of remotes, you can control the power point via a phone app. Also supports Amazon Echo voice activation.

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roost smart 9V battery

Roost Smart
9V Battery

Use this to create smart smoke alarms. Download the app to receive notifications whenever the alarm goes off even when you are well away from the house.

Will even notify you when the battery is getting low. Smart, practical gift.

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Smart watches like the Moto 360 act an extension of your smartphone giving a more handy place to view notifications that would otherwise require you to pull out your phone.

Not as essential as smartphones but still a much loved category by techies.

Wearables are the category of tech that has Science Fiction fans feeling like they truly are living in the future.

moto 360 wearable watch
fitbit charge 2

Fitbit Charge

The second gen of the most ubiquitous fitness tracker the Fitbit Charge 2 improves on the winning formula.

This has a much larger screen with a lot more output than the original – just the type of incremental refinement needed.

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wearable sound system

SubPac M2 Wearable Physical Sound System

Strap this you your back and pair it with a sound source and experience sound in a whole other way.

Can also be integrated with Samsung Gear virtual reality headset for an amazingly immersive experience.

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upright smart wearable

Smart Wearable

This posture trainer is intended to be worn for about an hour a day.

Once this is stuck to your back, you can monitor posture with the downloadable app. Who said having good posture couldn’t be fun?

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pebble 2

Pebble 2 + Heart Rate
Smart Watch

The Pebble 2 sits somewhere between fitness tracker and smart watch but probably site closer to low-key smart watch.

This is great value at $99. It comes with a heart rate monitor – perfect for those quantified self geeks.

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misfit shine 2

Misfit Shine 2
Fitness and Sleep

This does a lot – vibration for incoming smart phone alerts and the ability to control smart devices in the home but where it shines is fitness and sleep tracking.

The Shine is more versatile in the fact that it can be attached to shoes or clothes as well as your wrist.

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garmin vivosmart HR+ is great gift for tech geeks

vívosmart HR+

This thing does it all – heart rate, GPS tracking, integration with phone apps for social media and text/ email alerts (possibly a bit of overkill but we’ll take it!).

This would be our choice for the best fitness tracker money can buy.

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The following gifts will appeal to not only tech diehards but anyone else who appreciates well designed, useful products to augment the tech they already have.

These waterproof wireless bluetooth headphones are exactly what we’re talking about – well priced and with a waterproof guarantee, move past annoying cords that get in the way and embrace the beauty of wireless.

On the subject of headphones, if you can live with wired headphones you simply can’t beat the amazing sound and rock bottom price of the Panasonic In-Ear headphones.

We’ve done the leg work and have found the best tech gifts for geeks so you can give with confidence – enjoy!

Bluetooth Sports Earbuds are a great present for tech geeks
belkin rockstar

Belkin Road Rockstar
with 4 USB Ports

So you’re on a long car trip – there are four or five people in the car. What’s problem number one? Yep – phone batteries running out.

Charge up to four devices off this device to keep everyone blissfully ensconced in their digital world.

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mophie powerstation


We’ve covered Mophie products in our Gifts for Computer Geeks because we find them to be the best product in their category – portable power.

This is a 4,000Mah and provides 2.1 amp power – plenty of juice with fast charging speeds.

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samsung portable SSD

Samsung Portable SSD (250 GB)

Google drive and Dropbox have greatly reduced the need for external hard drives but let’s face it – a good solid external hard drive still has its place.

For reliability and fast transfers, this Samsung external drive can’t be beat.

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logitech keyboard

Multi-Use Keyboard

As technology advances, some things stay the same. Until voice commands replace typing (still a long way off), keyboards are still as important as ever.

This keyboard is not only beautifully designed but is also ergonomic.

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sugra moldable glue

Moldable Glue

4.5 star Amazon rating so works very well, has more uses than you can shake a stick at and it’s only $20!

Watch their eyes light up when they open the wrapping. Just mold it to the desired shape and secure all their home automation tech in place.

Check it out on Amazon
upright smart wearable


This incredible tool is a voice controlled gadget from the future, with so many amazing functions – playing music, controlling smart home devices, reading the news, setting alarms and more.

Why not make it a bundle and pick up the Echo dot?

Check it out on Amazon

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Find even more gifts for geeks

We hope one of the cool gifts for tech geeks above do it for you. If not, tech nerds (like everyone else) will have a computer, and something from the computer geeks pages would work out well. Otherwise check out our home page for the latest. There’s a bunch of awesome sites out there too – take a look at this selection on PCMag.

Got a suggestion?

Thanks for reading this far and we trust you got some ideas for great gifts for tech geeks.

Have you brought a cool gift for a total tech nerd that went down really well and that isn’t on here? Contact us and we’ll add it to the list of ideas for the next revision!